Check out our latest compilation of artwork & installations now at SOLAS

Over the past 18 months we have worked with local artists & crafts people to introduce lots of inspiring works and designs


Local tourist maps of Portarlington, Laois and surrounds in our revamped food court           
40ft in length           
Showcasing over 25 different tourist sites            
Designed by: Adam Warren @adwart
Lazer cut metal work by: C&G Engineering Naas   



80ft Long scrap metal art piece embodies everything we strive for a SOLAS   
This art piece uses only left over sheets of shipping container & scrap metal from our build   
The piece incorporates different flowers, plants & insects   
Tulips, Sunflowers,  Mushrooms, Bees & Bluebells
Designed by the very talented Beta Franca of the Port Art Collective   
Installed by Beta and Niall O Donnell  
Beta Website can be found at  

Interesting facts:   
A subtle touch in this design, that makes all the difference, is the fact that all the bits (petals, leaves etc) align with its corrugated steel background. That was also what made the making of it very tricky.   
As a result, we have the mural looking like two different pieces of art - one, when the sun hits it throughout the morning, creating hard shading that reveals the texture of the corrugated steel; and another one after it goes into shade in the afternoon, when the objects themselves stand out (see images attached).   
Very interesting was the fact that, throughout the making of it, when the flowers were already up on the wall and spring was just around the corner, we witnessed a good few times a bumble bee going along the whole mural, visiting flower after flower, from one side to the other, and then leaving. That was really incredible, especially because it happened again and again.    

3. 9 Flags

Designed in house at SOLAS
These colourful festival flags measure 4m in height
Hand made in Co Cork by : Tara Marshall /
9 flags at Solas Eco garden centre
Each representing various environmental ideals.
Sun: solar energy. Farm land: local produce. Wind: Wind energy. Trees: Carbon storage. Wildflowers: Native plants. Honeycomb: Protect our Bees. Ladybird: Natural Predators. Butterflies: Biodiversity. Water: Protect our seas/ reduce plastic waste
One to follow: Nuclear Energy!

4. Welcome Container      

Designed by Adam Warren    
One of several art pieces by Adam & Darren at Solas   
The entrance container spans 40ft in length   
The art piece brings together many elements of our garden centre  & town   
Our now famous Chickens
Our tower Logo
Plants, flower & insects
And a bridge representing Portarlington

5. Art in the pipeline

Watch this space
We have a lot more to come
See a sneak peak of our next works, due to commence June 2022 

6. Other pieces                                         

Our Bug hotel entrance sign           
Designed in house, built in Franz Caffery of Portaoise
Our hand made welcome entrance           
Designed & built by Franz Caffery of Portlaoise      

Our metal screen wall           
Lazer cut in Portarlington           
Our Recycled Re-bar internal walling               
Designed in house & built by johnny bracken     

We also have willow weaving art                       
Our Farmers Market Sculpture               
Designed & created by Jerry Smith of Monasterevin       
Our Shop Lamp Shades               
Designed & created by Jerry Smith of Monasterevin

Up Cycling                       
This area is a work in progress                       
Obviously the shipping containers                   
We have an our tractor now decorated with flowers / plants in our farmers market                   
We have an old 1960 public bus from Scotland                    
Signage throughout the shop & garden centre: