In order to utilise the seaweed to its full potential Mathew and Gabriel established Atlantic Gold Irish Seaweed.

Using the wild Atlantic seaweed, they set out to design and engineer a line of beauty and skin care products of the highest quality,
aimed to deliver the benefits of seaweed for human kind.

Ireland is reported to have some of the best seaweed in the world due to its cold and turbulent waters off the west coast of Ireland.
Records indicate that in Ireland people started collecting seaweed or sea vegetables for a thousand years. Due to our unique geographic position,
the west coast of Ireland is perfectly situated to produce seaweed in copious quantities. This ideal environment is due to large amounts of dissolved salts,
nutrients and minerals from in-flowing rivers and rich tidal up-wellings from the Atlantic Ocean, producing the best quality seaweed in the world.

The oils that seaweed possesses have long been used to treat people who suffer from different skin conditions.
These oils specifically aim to detoxify the body by rejuvenating dead skin cells. Seaweed was known as Sailor’s Cure in ancient mariners’ times. 

Seaweed has 60 trace elements that include natural oils, which are released by the heat of the water.
These oils are absorbed through the skin leaving it soft, thus rejuvenating the skin and leaving it moisturised.