No pesticides are used at Derryvilla and the farm, which is managed by Nuala O'Donoghue. Each year begins with hand pruning the bushes and cutting the grasses; they then flower in May and by mid-July, weather permitting, handpicking begins, with pick-yourown visitors joining regular pickers in July and August.

Most of our delicious, naturally grown berries and the products made with them - a tangy blueberry tonic and preserves (both of which are out-sourced to other artisan food producers) - are supplied directly to fruit traders and selected retailers, or sold at Solas Farmers Market.

Widely recognised as a 'superfood', blueberries have more antioxidants than most other fruits and vegetables; these delicious and versatile fruits are very familiar to Irish consumers and (thanks to imports) seen as an all year product.