"PureFood.ie aims to provide organic Asian vegetables and quality Asian produce locally. We started with a 15x5m tunnel on farmland in Portarlington and grow a variety of Asian Vegetables.

At Solas Farmer's Market, every Saturday, we also have Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls, made with a variety of fresh produce from our farm. It is a good choice for a quick meal or even as a healthy snack. This is our summer specialty as it gives customers a chance to try a variety of Fresh Asian Vegetables in a new way (wrapped in rice paper) and with our very own sauce recipe. It sells out quickly.

We sell a wide range of Asian vegetables such as;
  • Pak Choy,
  • Chinese Leaf,
  • Chinese Kale,
  • Morning Glory,
  • Choy sum,
  • Amaranth,
  • Chilli,
  • Asian Basil and Herbs, etc.